2015 Business Improvement Grant info - now available!

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Atchison_County_Map-Green.jpgAtchison County, Missouri, is located midway between Omaha and Kansas City on Interstate 29.  Occupying the northwest corner of Missouri, we are adjacent to Iowa and Nebraska. 

Agriculture has always been the backbone of our county. Home to rich and fertile soil, Atchison County is consistently the highest producer of corn in the state of Missouri, and among the highest in soybean production. Life here moves with the ebbs and flows of farming, but because county leaders recognize the necessity of diversifying our economy, there is more to us than meets the eye.

Atchison County’s business-friendly environment has encouraged the development of alternative energy and has enabled both the creation and expansion of locally-owned businesses and the establishment of new corporations in our region. We are proud to offer amenities not always found in rural America, like county-wide broadband access and quality health care, while being near enough to major cities for shopping, dining and cultural events. Our citizens’ deep commitment to bettering our county is evidenced by the limitless donation of both time and resources to make things happen. Atchison County is a quiet and beautiful area where living, playing and working with your neighbors is just what we do.

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